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Self Guided
Self Guided
It 's a real novelty: it could be summarized as the rental of the donkeys, but is much more.

Families or groups of people who practice it, depart with the donkeys for a prescribed route and marked on the maps. Sleep in a tent or on a farm.

You will be driving yourself, learning to manage and care for the donkeys, which by their nature, are meek and docile.

Everyone, adults and children, have considered this deeply emotional experience for the relationship of love and cooperation established with the animals.

This little adventure is organized in a completely customized by varying the duration and type of stages depending on the characteristics of the group.

Prior to departure is required to follow a lesson in preparation that includes a walk with the animals.

It 's always a service available for emergencies.

All necessary equipment is supplied by us.

Call to know how and cost.

Follow the link below to learn more about places to discover the National Park of Monti Sibillini

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