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About Us
The Mulattiera is a Cooperative Society that has been active for many years in the environmental sector with training and coaching, management of natural resources and arranging tourist activities in the area. As is often the case, we started by chance after organizing trekking and climbing for our friends (and for us, naturally) in the beautiful Sibillini mountains region. Since then, our friends have grown along with their desires so that each of their objectives has become more challenging; from trekking with backpacks to trekking with the help of mules ... a few hours walking to climbing in a gorge or Mount Vettore ... trout fishing in the local rivers... the desire to descend the river in a rubber dinghy ...
Over the years the Cooperative has successfully interacted with other facets of the territory and has managed to forge solid relationships with many of the diverse cultural aspects of these areas: above all mule specialists, but also experts on the rivers and rafting, climbing professionals, an in-depth knowledge of the centuries-old transhumance routes, the passionate observation of animals in their natural habitats ... and of course an immeasurable passion for walking with the ‘head up’. And not forgetting the farms where the characteristic cheese and honey is still made, the mills which still produce the flour to make the best cakes and bread, the orchards and organic cultivation: sampling all of these products will enrich our experience during the excursions.

La Mulattiera
La Mulattiera
Info Contacts
Coop La Mulattiera Via Blasi, 26 - 06046 Ancarano di Norcia (Perugia) - Umbria
tel. 0743.820051 cell. 339.4513189 320.1723752 - P.Iva 02543550541 Rea 224790