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Route & Donkeys

We propose for Scout groups an unusual how to live the Scout experience for excellence, the Route

There are two ways of walking with a donkey: by themselves without help (self guided) or with the guide.

Trekking Self Guided

If you choose this type of activity, you must reach our base, Ancarno di Norcia, 10 km from Norcia, province of Perugia, in the National Park of Monti Sibillini.

On the spot, our guide will deliver you a donkey and spend with you a day for explanations on animals, on the route and the materials that will be delivered.

Each group is given in care a number of donkeys on you need. Each donkey can load up to about 40 kg, the personal luggage of 4 people.

It may also be necessary, depending on the amount of luggage and the chosen route, use in addition of one or more donkeys to load food, tents and other materials.

So for example a group of 10 people would need 3 or 5 donkeys.

The trail is built or recommended based on your needs. If you need it we can also provide tents and outdoor equipment for camping, or you can use tents and the equipments own

Rent of donkey: a donkey/day: 40.00 (for longer than 3 days 35.00 per day)
Guide for the first day and the trekking organization : 160.00
Eventual rental of tents and camping equipment: 5.00 person/day

Trekking with Guide

The place to start is always Ancarano or Castelluccio of Norcia.

The trek is drived by a guide of our group, also expert of donkeys and mules.

The price, will depend on the number in the group, will be inclusive of rent donkeys, organization and hiking guide, providing food, tents and materials.

N.B. :If you want to sleep in Refuges or similar structures, the average price for half pension ranges from 35 to 50 euros per person per day. If necessary, we will indicate the most suitable facilities for your hiking

La Valnerina
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