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Dancing with Mules
Trekking Muli Umbria Trekking with mules is real journey. We are like modern wayfarers following the ancient network of routes to the wise rhythm beaten by the hooves of our animals. The mules don’t run, they walk, kindly carrying our weight. Travellers ... continues
Walking with Donkeys
Asini nei Sibillini A donkey is the perfect companion for children’s excursions. Firstly, the donkey is a very docile animal. It seems to particularly love contact with children and recognises their natural tenderness and loves being cuddled and caressed by them. The donkey is funny and likeable, bringing joy to all those around it... continues

The Castoriana Valley Hostel
Foresteria in Umbria The hostel is a single-storey structure with 10 rooms containing a total of 65 beds + 3, 2 large common rooms, kitchen...
Il Rifugio del Parco Nazionale dei Sibillini
Rifugio dei Sibillini The Campi Alto Refuge (850 meters above sea level), is situated within the National Park in the locality of Campi di Norcia (PG)...
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